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Multirator - web based 360° system

  • 360° feedback
  • Surveys
    and questionnaires
  • Application and event management

What is 360 feedback?

Too often, feedback takes place only within the superior-direct report relationship. 360 degree feedback allows broader perspective because it includes the assessment of peers, direct reports and internal and external customers. Their feedback can be directly compared with self-assessment in the 360 feedback report where all the assessments are presented in a way that preserves the confidentiality of the individual assessments. Such a complete set of information about how is one perceived would be very difficult to obtain otherwise – therefore 360 feedback proves to be an unique tool for self-development.

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About the process

  1. Client´s needs are identified
  2. 360 feedback questionnaire in accordance with client´s needs is prepared (questions are usually based on competence models)
  3. Texts of accompanying emails (such as “360 feedback – invitation”) are approved
  4. Users are introduced to the 360 feedback (data security, evaluators´ nomination, how to read the report, etc.)
  5. 360 feedback evaluation: users (both evaluators and those who are being evaluated) receive an email with login link, generate their own password and evaluate. Reminders are sent out if necessary.
  6. 360 feedback is finished: Assessed users are invited to generate their report (via email). The report is in .pdf format. Usually there is a possibility to ask internal/external coach to help with an action plan. The action plan is usually approved by the user´s manager.


  • In depth understanding of strengths and developmental areas
  • One´s work and behavior in perspective 
  • Insight into an impression one makes
  • Speed of assessment (such an amount of feedback would normally be next to impossible to gather) and easy to use report
  • Possibility to compare assessments in time

About the application and user support

The assessment is enabled via secure web application, online.

  • Administration: We can handle the administration process ourselves for our clients or hand it over to them partly or fully depending on the specific client´s needs.
  • Types of questionnaires: questions are tailor made for each client; there is always client´s logo on the report; almost any modification is possible upon request:
    • Individual reports
    • Group reports – executive summary (region, whole company…)
  • Security The application access is protected by a password which is set during the first log-in. Administrative interface is available only to selected users.
  • Support: in case we are responsible for the administration process, there is an administrator available during the working hours to address anything that should come up while the 360 feedback assessment is going on
  • Language: English, Czech and Slovak; upon request, any language is possible
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The price depends on the number of changes in the application and reports and also on the number of participants. For more information, contact Madministrator at

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